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Homeward Bound #5 here I come!!

Two years ago, I had a go at writing a travel blog for a trip around Australia and I really enjoyed writing in a non-technical way. In the back of my head I had always planned to get back to it, but never quite found time. This year I put myself out there and applied for Homeward Bound and as part of my application made the commitment to turn this blog into reality. I plan on sharing my Homeward Bound story here, but also blogging on things that I am passionate about, research, gender equity, disability support and more fun stuff. Like that pilot episode to a great series, or that first podcast. I am sure that I will improve and get better at this as I move along my journey.

So a little about the back story to Homeward Bound, it is a global leadership initiative that aims to network and up-skill 1000 women with a STEMM background over 10 years (2016-2026). It is year-long women's leadership program that cumulates with a voyage to Antarctica (to find out more or apply for future cohorts I have been lucky enough to have an amazing colleague - Prof Sharon Robinson (@antarticmoss), who has been faculty on 2 HWBs and provided me encouragement to put myself out there and apply. I found the application a challenge, especially the video, but had amazing support and encouragement from my UOW Global Challenges team, who wouldn't let me bail out of applying. So here it is ...

A little bit more about me and what I hope to achieve from HWB has been written by Emma from @UOWGC .

Over the last few days, I have been connecting with the HWB#5 cohort on twitter, FB and last night celebrated at my first HWB Sydney catchup. I am so excited by the group of amazing women I will be on this journey with.

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